Koronavirus illustrasjon

Coronavirus disease – information in English from Berlevåg municipality

The Norwegian Government has today announced new, stricter measures to combat the corona virus. The restrictions imposed on all of us as citizens and employees are the most strict measures imposed ever since WWII. Berlevåg municipality urges everyone to follow the guidelines, and we have also introduced even stricter measures locally - cf. letters from the municipality chief doctor. We remind you that all public events in the municipality have been cancelled for the time being. We will also sharpen our routines in the following areas:

Travel Routines:

All business trips are cancelled as for now. Leisure trips - both at home and abroad - should be avoided to the greatest possible extent.

Everyone who has been on holiday outside the Nordic countries should be in house quarantine for 14 days. This applies to all who have returned to Berlevåg on 27 February and later. To be in quarantine means to stay at home as much as possible. The affected person may be with others at home. You may leave your house, but you should avoid crowds. Shops and other points with groups of people should also be avoided as much as possible.

Citizens returning from places in Norway or one of the Nordic countries are advised to follow the quarantine rules described above. 

Access Procedures:

The Town Hall will be closed to visitors. All inquiries should be done by telephone or e-mail.

The kindergarten is closed for normal use but will have an offer for children of employees who keep socially critical positions. Staff members should meet at work as normal. Staff members might be asked to do other tasks within the municipality. 

The school is closed. Teachers and other staff will go to work as normal but might be asked to do other tasks within the municipality. 

The health centre is closed to visitors. The staff at the health centre will receive further information internally.

Inquiries to the doctors’ office should be done by e-mail or telephone. The office will prioritize immediate help. Opening hours for telephone inquiries have been extended from 8 to 15. For ordinary inquiries, or if you want to book a visit to the doctor, call 78 78 21 00. In cases of illness, call 116 117 (24h); in emergency cases call 113.

Other municipal buildings, such as the community centre (Samfunnshuset), the library, the competence centre, etc., are closed.


We remind you keep to strict hygiene practices. No hand greeting and no pinching. Remember to do thorough and frequent hand washing. The cleaning staff has stricter routines in all buildings.

We ask for your understanding of these strong measures and hope for everyone's willingness to take part so that the situation in the municipality as well as in the country could return to normal sooner rather than later. 

Please keep an eye on the news, the National Institute of Public Health's website (https://www.fhi.no/en/id/infectious-diseases/coronavirus/) and the municipality's updates on www.berlevag.kommune.no and Facebook.