Welcome to Berlevåg

Berlevåg is an active fishing municipality situated in the north western region of the Varanger peninsula, facing onto the majestic Barents Sea and its rich natural resources. There are two settlements in the municipality, Berlevåg with its fishing port and population of around 1100 inhabitants, and the fishing village of Kongsfjord, where around 30 people live.

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Landscape and fauna
Situated at 70° North, most of the municipality extends over an absolutely unspoiled arctic area of great geological and botanical interest. The possibilities for fishing are endless, whether in the sea or in the mountain streams and lakes that all offer an abundance of fish. In the water course that flows into the Kongsfjord, Berlevåg boasts one of Norway’s most famous salmon fishing rivers, under an environmental protection order since June 2007. In the outer parts of the fjord, the islands of the nature reserve, with their vivacious sea bird colonies, offer a unique opportunity to observe a variety of unusual and rare species, while in the inner part of the fjord you can find a thriving colony of harbor seals (Phoca vitulina). The municipality of Berlevåg is also an excellent venue for hunting, thanks to the widespread presence of snow grouse (Lagopus muta) in its territories. Reindeers are common in the summer grazing season along the coast around Berlevåg.
Our economy
The fishing industry is still the local population’s primary occupation, a significant part of which directly concerning the fishing itself and marketing the catches. Berlevåg has three fish marketing companies, one factory for processing king crab and a sizeable local fishing fleet. The economic life of the municipality is based around a series of commercial and services activities that contribute to assuring generous coverage of the territory’s needs. These include shops selling furniture, sporting goods and household appliances, local crafts stores and two supermarkets. Then there are all the tourism related activities, which in recent years have taken on increasing importance for the local economy.
The kind of tourism offered by the municipality of Berlevåg could be best defined as a combination of nature and culture. The companies acting in this field offer a wide range of opportunities, ranging from overnight stays in unusual, interesting places, to experiences profoundly linked with the territory. The health, wellbeing and personal growth aspect is a significant part of the tourism products on offer. The region has various well marked nature trails, with the possibility of guided excursions on foot. The Berlevåg port museum also offers interesting insights into local culture and history.
In Kongsfjord, an old emporium, open only in the summer, revives the atmosphere of the past, while the hamlet of Veines has a recently opened museum dedicated to the king crab, along with an ancient cluster of perfectly conserved rural and fishing buildings. Berlevåg also has an extensive network of enchanting snowmobile trails, with connections to neighboring communities and Finland (the Arctic Trail).
Whether you’re looking for “Cool & Crazy” experiences, like the members of the Berlevåg male voice choir and stars of the film, or simply need a break for a little personal development, tranquility and interior harmony, Berlevåg is a destination whose natural environment will certainly meet all your expectations.
For a more detailed description of the tourist destinations, activities and the summer program, click on the links below.
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Kongsfjord Gjestehus A/SKongsfjord landhandel og cafe
Galleri-VIshavets dykkerklubb
Cool and CrazyKongsfjord International Scuba School
Infrastructures / Connections
Berlevåg has a highly efficient communications network. The Hurtigruten make a daily stop there, and the short take off and landing runway airport guarantees connections to the national network, with three arrivals and departures daily to Kirkenes and Tromsø by Widerøe air. There are also daily departures by bus to Tana (E6) and Båtsfjord, along a high standard regional road (RV890) open all year round. The nearest and most important hub on the roads network is Tana Bru, 134 km from Berlevåg.
What can we offer anyone moving to Berlevåg?
First and foremost a coastal population ready to welcome you to the territory. Then, a well organized health service with an outpatients clinic, rest home, home care, good district medical coverage, dentist and psychiatric assistance. In terms of education, the municipality offers full coverage of kindergarten, primary and middle school requirements, as well as the first year of high school. After school activities and cultural school, offering a wide range of choice to children and adults alike. Cinema, with screenings on Thursdays and Sundays.
The “Ishavshallen” gym proposes various kinds of sports, including badminton, football and fitness, and the municipality itself has a very active social life, with a large number of clubs and associations for a vast assortment of activities, among which a vigorously active choral group.
Welcome to this community with so much to offer, and such vitality!